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Urgent Care

Enjoy Convenient Care When You Need It Most

King’s Daughters is proud to offer urgent care services in many locations throughout our service area. Our Urgent Care Centers focus on treating illnesses and injuries that can't wait for a visit to your doctor.

Services are available for both adults and children. Our Urgent Care Centers patients' medical needs are met quickly and efficiently. Not sure? The following chart may help. Of course, if you have any doubt, call 9-1-1 or go to your nearest emergency department.



Life- / Limb-threatening

Sore throat, strep Migraines Loss of Consciousness
Earache, ear infection Severe back pain Chest pain
Allergy symptoms Asthma attacks, mild to moderate Severe trouble breathing
Minor fevers Fevers Sudden loss of vision, numbness or difficulty speaking
Coughs, colds, flu, nasal congestion Severe cough Severe abdominal pain
Pink eye Vomiting/diarrhea Coughing up or vomiting blood
UTI, bladder infection STDs Urinary blockages
Strains, strains Minor broken bones (fingers, toes) Major broken bones
Insect bites Animal bites Severe bleeding; vaginal bleeding during pregnancy
Head lice Pinworms Head trauma
Skin issues - rashes, ringworm, chicken pox Minor reaction to medications such as itchiness, skin rash, hives Severe burns
Minor burns, cuts, scrapes, bruises Wounds needing stitches, eye irritation Drug overdose

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