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Nurses, earn up to a $5,000 sign-on bonus when you apply to join
the King’s Daughters family.

Sign-on bonuses

  • New graduate LPN: $1,500
  • New graduate RN: $3,000
  • Experienced LPN (1 year or more experience): $3,000
  • Experienced RN (1 year or more experience): $5,000
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Welcome to King's Daughters

Visitor Policy

Effective Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2022

  • Only one (1) designated visitor per inpatient is permitted in the hospital at a time. Inpatients may designate two (2) people who can visit, but the first visitor must leave the hospital before the second one arrives.
  • Outpatients may have one (1) person accompany them during their outpatient visit if necessary. This includes office visits and diagnostic testing/treatment areas.

Our visitation policies for obstetrics, pediatrics, surgery and emergency are unchanged:

  • Obstetrics: Mother/Baby may have two guests, which may include spouse, father of the baby, partner/significant other, parents, grandparents and in-laws. A professional photographer may be present, but must provide proof of vaccination to nursing staff prior to admission.
  • Pediatrics: May have two (2) visitors who may rotate. Children are permitted. Those over age 2 must be masked.
  • Surgical Services: May have two (2) visitors.
  • Emergency: Patient may be escorted to registration/triage by one (1) person. If the patient is at high risk for COVID-19 or had a high-risk exposure, the escort will return to the vehicle to wait. If the patient is at low-risk for COVID, one (1) visitor will be permitted in the treatment area. Patient escorts/visitors are not permitted to wait in the waiting room.

Additional restrictions and requirements are in place. Please click here to view the entire policy.

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