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Imaging Services

Diagnostic imaging is one of the most important tools available to modern medicine. Diagnostic imaging allows physicians to diagnose many disease and injuries without the need for exploratory surgery or invasive procedure. It also allows physicians to assess the effectiveness of treatment and to make adjustments to those treatments in “real time.”

Finally, imaging technology allows treatment of many diseases and conditions using minimally invasive techniques, such as cardiac catheterization.

Diagnostic imaging includes:

Follow the links at right for more information about each imaging modality and specific tests, preparation for testing, what to expect, and how long the testing might take.

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Accreditation Matters

King’s Daughters Medical Center is proud to be accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR). Accreditation is voluntary in Kentucky and involves the review of the physicians’, technologists’ and sonographers’ educational achievements, equipment maintenance and quality control, record keeping and department policies and procedures.

We believe the participation in voluntary accreditation ensures that King’s Daughters Medical Center is current with the latest technologies and clinical practices in medical imaging. This allows us to achieve a higher standard of quality assurance and patient care that translates into our goal of world class care in our communities.