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King’s Daughters Auxiliary and Health Foundation awards nearly $382,000 in projects

King’s Daughters Auxiliary and Health Foundation awards nearly $382,000 in projects

At UK King’s Daughters in Ashland, volunteers are some of the most irreplaceable team members. Their desire to make a difference in the community is reflected in the time they generously donate to the organization. Volunteers also make a significant impact on the care provided to patients and families. The volunteers, through the King’s Daughters Auxiliary, sponsor several fundraisers throughout the year. These include events with partner organizations such as Books Are Fun, Masquerade $5 Jewelry, and Scrubs on Wheels, as well as hosting the annual Sharing Tree donation drive where ornaments are placed in honor or memory of a loved one during the holidays.

Their most effective fundraiser, however, lasts all year long. The Auxiliary Gift Shop dedicates all proceeds to medical center projects that support patients and families. This year the Auxiliary funded 29 projects in collaboration with the King’s Daughters Health Foundation, totaling $381,812.65.

“We are thrilled with the growth over the last few years as more and more departments seek funding for projects that directly impact our patients and families,” said Amie Schwendeman, Volunteer Services manager.

The King’s Daughters Health Foundation supports the efforts of King’s Daughters through identifying special needs of patients and families; outreach services including screenings; building and construction efforts to expand services; scholarships for high school students; mobile mammography and breast services; AEDs for the community; and continued support of the Oncology Center for Excellence.

Projects receiving funding this year include:

  1. Teddy bears for pediatric patients having surgery
  2. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) oximetry program
  3. Specially designed pillows for open-heart surgery patients
  4. Emergency Medication Fund for patients in need
  5. Game Ready, a cold and compression system for local athletes administered by King’s Daughters athletic trainers at 14 high schools and two colleges
  6. Healing Wounds from Within, a joint project between the Wound Care Center and Food Services providing nutritional support for wound care patients after discharge
  7. Health and hygiene items for pediatric patients in need
  8. Heart failure assistance program, providing scales and blood pressure monitors for patients in need
  9. Partnering with local schools to provide funds for prescriptions, dental work, glasses and other medical necessities for students in need
  10. HIV post-exposure prophylaxis, to help provide medications for patients in need
  11. Home Health Patient Assistance Fund
  12. Hypertension Prevention Plan - providing self-monitoring blood pressure monitors and supporting the purchase and distribution 100 digital blood pressure monitors to cardiovascular patients in need
  13. Kid's Kloset
  14. King's Daughters Integrated Practices indigent medication and testing supplies
  15. King's Daughters Ohio Kid's Mobile Market
  16. Kingsbrook Lifecare Center Resident Activity Fund
  17. Life Vest Project, supporting the purchase of life-saving vests that help prevent sudden cardiac death related to abnormal arrythmias for patients in need
  18. Lucas CPR Machine, to administer high-quality chest compressions under difficult conditions and for extended periods of time during cardiac emergencies in the hospital
  19. Lymphedema compression garments – Ashland campus and Vitality Center
  20. Meals on Wheels
  21. Newborn car seat program
  22. Operation: AEDs to the Community
  23. Patient and Family Services Fund, for our patient representatives to provide clothing, hygiene products, meal tickets and other essentials to patients and their families
  24. Pessary dispensing - Bluegrass Urology, Ashland Women’s Care (Kelsey James, M.D.), Medical Specialties - Gynecology (Richard Ford, M.D.)
  25. Safe Ride Every Time, supporting a one-of-a-kind program where local law enforcement, schools, health departments and agencies provide car seats for families in need
  26. Save-A-Life, supporting screening mammograms for patients in need
  27. Tdap Vaccine Vouchers, helping maternity patients receive essential vaccinations to prevent newborns from contracting life-threatening diseases in the first months of life
  28. Teddy bears and iPads for King’s Daughters Ohio Surgical Services
  29. You are Loved Buddy, providing weighted, stuffed animals for children and adults with anxiety. Each unique "Buddy" is created and handmade by local second-grade teacher Melissa Iery. This project began with her students to remind them that "no one is perfect; we are still loved." Iery used different thematic materials, such as sports, unicorns, and baby blocks. The "Love Buddies" have been given to children whose parent died at the hospital, a toddler whose infant sibling died at the hospital, and a mother whose toddler died in the Emergency Department. Also, senior adults who have received a Love Buddy seemed more at peace.

“Being a part of the Auxiliary is a privilege that is rewarding for every volunteer,” Sandy Thornbury, Auxiliary president, said. To learn more about the volunteer program and how to get involved with the Auxiliary’s fundraising efforts, contact Volunteer Services at 606-408-0955.