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  • NICU helps couple be prepared for birth

    Ashlee Eichenlaub, APRN, and husband Brian had tried for five years to have a child. Ashlee, a nurse practitioner with the Digestive Health program at King’s Daughters, also has Type I diabetes. However, she and Brian were eager and determined to have a child and sought out the expert care of OB/GYN Tony Dotson, D.O., and the team at Ashland Women’s Health. “We had maternal-fetal ...
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  • Weight loss surgery price reduced for self-pay patients

    The self-pay (when insurance does not cover the procedure) price for bariatric surgery at King’s Daughters has dropped by more 30 percent to $11,000. This includes pre-surgery visits, as well as standard hospital, surgeon and anesthesia fees. The previous self-pay price was $16,100. The new cost does not include costs associated with complications, extended hospital stays, or pathology ...
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  • November is National Diabetes Month: know the 3 types of diabetes

    November is National Diabetes Month, where we seek to bring attention to the more than 30 million U.S. adults who have diabetes and the one in four individuals who do not know they have it. The Center for Healthy Living Diabetes Team would like to share information about diabetes and pre-diabetes to recognize those who live with or support someone with diabetes and to create an awareness of those ...
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  • Vascular screening may help diabetics avoid amputation

    More than half of all lower limb amputations in the U.S. result from complications of diabetes. Diabetes affects virtually every part of the body, including the circulatory system. High blood sugar levels make the blood “sticky,” causing it to clot more readily and adhere to plaque buildup inside artery walls. Combine sticky blood with narrowed arteries in the lower legs, feet and ...
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