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Oncology Center of Excellence

Oncology has been a special focus for our Foundation, as it touches lives so often and in so many ways. Oncology-related projects include our Mobile Mammography Unit, inpatient unit renovations and the Oncology Center of Excellence.

As plans for the Oncology Center of Excellence unfolded, we created a donor wall to allow individuals, families and friends to recognize loved ones. Funds raised would be used for ongoing support for the oncology program, its patients and families. The Health Foundation embraced the idea and established ways to give.


All gifts are appreciated and will be recognized annually, in the year they are given, through a King’s Daughters Health Foundation publication. Gifts are welcome in multiple ways, including cash, credit and debit cards, life insurance policies and gifts of stock. Please contact the Health Foundation for more information as we will assist you in giving in a way that is special to you and your loved one.

Honoring a Life

Honoring an individual allows you to celebrate a person or a special occasion while they are still living. For honorees, this is a very touching and lasting gift. This may be a family member, friend or to recognize exemplary care provided by a King’s Daughters team member, volunteer, physician or other provider or caregiver.

Remembering a Life

Memorial contributions are a meaningful way to celebrate the life of someone important to you while making a difference in the lives of those who follow. Memorials can be made on behalf of family, friends, coworkers or just someone who has influenced your life in an important way.

Collective Gifts

Honorariums and memorials can be made by an individual or a collective group of people, such as a department, office, family or a group of friends. All gifts are acknowledged accordingly.

Team King's Daughters

King’s Daughters team members may payroll deduct gifts. This can be a one-time gift or a regular payroll deduction. At times we offer special giving levels to team members, please call us if you are interested in learning more.

Donor Recognition of Gifts

All donations will be recognized annually in a King’s Daughters Health Foundation publication and in a donor recognition frame located near the Oncology Center of Excellence Donor Wall. Donor wall blocks start at $250. Gifts by a person or group overtime will earn a block when the $250 level is achieved.

Recognizing Donors

If you make a gift and would like us to acknowledge the gift to the person or family, we are happy to do so. Please provide the name and address of the person to acknowledge, if it is not a prearranged gift.