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Fairview Independent Schools, King's Daughters partner for school-based medical care

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  • Written By: Tammi Holbrook
Bennett The students, faculty and staff of Fairview Independent School District will have access to on-site healthcare beginning in August 2016 thanks to a new partnership with King’s Daughters Health System. The new initiative, Walk-In Care for Schools, brings a dedicated medical provider to school systems. The on-site provider can help adults and students by promoting physical, mental, social and emotional health for children, families, and faculty. The results can be healthier kids and adults, along with:
  • fewer missed school days
  • fewer missed work days for parents
  • faster access to appointments and care
  • a decrease in emergency room visits
  • better management of chronic diseases
  • improved academic performance
Nurse practitioner Jamie Bennett will provide care exclusively for the 740 students and 110 district employees at Fairview Independent Schools.

King’s Daughters also recently announced Walk-In Care for students for Ashland, Boyd County and Carter County school districts will begin in August.

“Having a nurse practitioner from KDMC on site is going to bring a new level of medical services and care to the students and staff of Fairview School District,” said Michael Taylor, superintendent. “I believe it’s going to make a significant contribution to improved staff and student attendance as well as provide other critical health, education and related services for the families in our school district.”

“It’s going to be a tremendous help having KDMC on site because transportation can be hard for families,” said Brenda Hale, Family Resource and Youth Services Centers coordinator. “This also will help prevent illnesses from spreading. The convenience this will bring our staff is significant. We are looking forward to having King’s Daughters here with us.”

The Walk-In Care team will visit every school regularly. They also will be available to every school at any time through a secure telemedicine link. As part of the program, King’s Daughters is providing telemedicine stations for every school.

For Fairview Independent School District students to access the system, parents can complete a patient packet giving the Walk-In Care team permission to treat the student. On-site care also will be available to the faculty and staff. The care is billed to each patient's insurance, just like a regular visit to a physician’s office.

About Walk-In Care for Schools

Walk-In Care for Schools is something new from King's Daughters. It's part of the health system’s My Health Solutions program, which features several customizable facets schools and workplaces can use to create a health solution that is right for them. The components work as a whole, or as individual parts. The program’s goal is to collaborate with school systems to provide the best care for students, faculty and staff.

If you are part of a Tri-State area school system and interested in the program, contact:

Jamie Fannin, Business Development director
(606) 408-0408 or (606) 922-3818

Kayla Murphy
(606) 408-9506 or (606) 483-0306