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Our Five Key Priorities

  • Customer comes first because it's the most important. Customers are patients, their families and friends—anyone who comes to us for care. This can be in person, online, or over the phone.
  • Quality. This means both clinical quality and service quality. Both are equally important to our success and must be balanced.
  • Community. Without the people and groups around us, we wouldn't be here. It's essential to have healthy, active relationships with and give back to the communities we serve, and be a good corporate citizen.
  • Finance. This key priority is a lot like balancing your checkbook at home . . . just a little bigger. We have to invest in the people, locations and equipment that make sense for what we are trying to achieve. It's important to note we are a local company.
  • Culture. This is the rocket fuel that makes all the first four priorities work. It's our ability to work together to keep all the priorities in balance that moves us forward.