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Pathway to Success

Surgical weight loss, also known as bariatric surgery, is about getting your life back. It also presents an opportunity to re-evaluate your lifestyle and make the changes needed to improve yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.

Making this transition to the “new you” involves the proper support group and a willingness to take the necessary steps to reach your goal. The most successful patient is the one who follows our program all the way through—from pre-certifications to surgery to counseling and exercise. Let our highly trained staff guide you as you take these series of steps on your pathway to success.

  • View an educational seminar online. Our online seminar offers a convenient way for you to gain a better understanding about what surgical weight loss entails and whether it is right for you. You should view the online seminar and complete the short questionnaire before advancing to the next step. Please contact our Surgical Weight Loss team at (606) 408-1541 for assistance.
  • Verification of insurance coverage is completed prior to scheduling the initial visit.
  • Complete the surgical weight loss bariatric questionnaire. You may bring the completed questionnaire to us or a copy will be provided to you to complete. After completing the seminar online you will be directed to complete and submit the questionnaire electronically. When we receive your completed bariatric questionnaire, we will contact you within two to three business days to discuss the next step in the process.
  • Surgical weight loss visits. This is a six-part evaluation with our staff to determine a treatment plan that addresses your personal weight loss needs.
    • The surgical weight loss nurse will obtain your medical history and explain the steps to surgery, provide education and answer questions about the bariatric procedures offered.
    • Our behavioral health specialist will complete an assessment to determine your ability to participate in treatment and post-operative care following bariatric surgery.
    • Our dietitian will obtain your dietary history and provide education about preparing for post-surgical diet and lifestyle changes.
    • Extended medical weight loss – if required by your insurance or the multidisciplinary surgical weight loss team.
    • Evaluation by your bariatric surgeon
  • Multidisciplinary team review. Once you have completed the necessary evaluations, our team will meet to assess your readiness for lifestyle changes and surgery.
  • Behavioral health video. This is a one-hour behavioral health component of your surgical weight loss education. It is vital to your success with initial weight loss after surgery and maintaining that weight loss long-term.
  • Insurance approval. Once you have been approved by the multidisciplinary team and have completed all of the necessary insurance requirements, our insurance specialist will work with your insurance company for bariatric surgery approval.
  • Pre-operative teaching. This is a two-hour educational component to prepare you for surgery.
  • Pre-operative appointment. Once your insurance company has approved you, we will be directed to schedule an appointment with your bariatric surgeon. At this appointment, you will be assigned a surgery date.
  • Pre-admission testing. Prior to your surgery date, you will need to complete pre-admission testing. This will be reviewed with you during your pre-operative appointment with your bariatric surgeon.
  • Your last step in this first phase: surgery. Surgery is just the beginning of a life-long commitment to living a healthier life.
  • When you reach your goal, you may consider plastic surgery. Our team of surgeons is well-versed in the needs of bariatric patients, and also provide free consultations to new patients.