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Lung screening for long-term smokers

Effective early screening for lung cancer

Lung cancer is most treatable when it is discovered early. Now, thanks to an imaging study called low-dose CT scan, we are able to detect lung abnormalities, including lung cancer, earlier and more effectively than ever before.

Low-dose CT is covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid. To be eligible, patients must:

  • Be between 50 and 77 years old
  • Have no signs or symptoms of lung cancer
  • Be a current smoker (or quit in last 15 years)
  • Have a tobacco use history of at least 20 pack-years (One pack-year equals smoking 20 cigarettes/day for a year)

Talk with your primary care provider to discuss whether this important screening is right for you. Your physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner can order the screening for you. You may also call our Care 24/7 service at (606) 408-8999 (toll free 1-844-324-2200) for additional information, screening criteria or referral to a provider. Our Care 24/7 service is free and available to everyone.


King's Daughters offers the low-dose CT screening for lung cancer at:

  • King's Daughters Center for Advanced Imaging, 2225 Central Ave., Ashland, Ky.
  • King's Daughters Medical Center Ohio, 2001 Scioto Trail, Portsmouth, Ohio
  • King's Daughters Medical Specialties Grayson, 609 N. Carol Malone Blvd., Grayson, Ky.
  • King's Daughters Family Care Center Prestonsburg, 1279 Old Abbott Mountain Road, Prestonsburg, Ky.
  • King's Daughters Family Care Center Ironton, 912 Park Ave., Ironton, Ohio