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Lipid Clinic

Our clinic team partners with healthcare providers in the management of patients with dyslipidemia to develop an individualized treatment plan to optimize drug therapy and lifestyle modifications including diet and exercise. Our clinic helps manage lipid-lowering pharmacotherapy using current evidence-based literature in accordance with healthcare providers’ referral and a required collaborative care agreement and referral from a licensed healthcare provider.

We help patients with medication review, diet counseling, lipid medication management as needed, review of side effects and monitoring of medication therapy.

The Lipid Clinic is based in Ashland.

Telephone: (606) 408-6000

Our clinics are designed to give you one-to-one attention every time you visit. To achieve this highly personalized level of service, we request all patients be seen by appointment. This helps ensure we have sufficient time to conduct testing, analyze results, answer any questions you may have, and explain necessary medication adjustments.

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