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Short-Term Rehab

Our Short-Term Rehabilitation program is tailored to provide continuing care as our patients transition from the hospital, to Kingsbrook, back to home. Our therapy team provides comprehensive care with one objective - to help patients restore quality of life as quickly as possible. Our highly trained staff will help you regain your strength and mobility. Not only will Kingsbrook ensure that you reach an optimal level of recovery, but you will do so in an environment that is warm, comfortable and encouraging.

While still a patient in the hospital, our interdisciplinary team will develop a plan of care designed to get you back home with the highest functional level possible. Our Transitional Navigator will visit residents while still at the hospital to explain what to expect while at Kingsbrook and to resolve any problems that may arise with the transfer process.

Once enrolled at KBLC, a team of highly trained physicians, therapists, nurses, dietitians, and social workers will work to develop a comprehensive treatment plan. Daily therapy regiments will be scheduled based upon each resident's needs. Our therapists, including physical, occupational, and speech, will utilize our three gyms as well as state-of-the-art equipment to help maximize your potential and help transition you back to home as soon as possible.

Before you have successfully completed our therapy program, your treatment team will work to create an individualized discharge plan. Your team of healthcare professionals will collaborate with your physicians to ensure that you have a smooth transition home and to resolve and complications that might arise. Once back home, our Transitional Navigator will follow up with you on a weekly basis to ensure that you are adjusting well to your home environment. If any problems occur or you have any questions, the Transitional Navigator will help you find a solution to fulfill your need. This may be as simple as an answer to a medical question or as complex to guiding you back to Kingsbrook if you require more assistance adjusting to home.

Our programs main goal is to help you regain the independence that you had prior to hospitalization and to see you succeed in the transitioning back home. This can't be accomplished by only caring for you within our facility. We believe that the only way you maximize your potential and ensure a smooth transition back home is to begin care while you are still in the hospital and to continue care when you return home. Kingsbrook understands that choosing the right Short-Term Rehabilitation provider is an overwhelming process and a vital step in your recovery. By choosing Kingsbrook you can ensure that your entire recovery process is well planned, managed properly, and your quality of life restored.